The 5 Greatest Led Zeppelin Songs You Should Know

The legendary four-man band consisting of John Bonham on drums, Jimmy Page in guitars, Paul Jones on bass and Robert Plant in vocals have produced countless of epic music that still melts our faces. Their indulgence in creating unapologetic big music is what brought them to the rock star status they’re in today.

As a dedicated homage to the legend that is Led Zeppelin’s music— arguably the most mystifying rock and roll band of all time— we try to rank their top 5 songs and trust us when we say, it is the hardest thing we have ever done in our lives.

5 Greatest Led Zeppelin Songs You Should Know

5. Whole Lotta Love

Album: Led Zeppelin II

Named the greatest hard rock song greatest-hits-led-zeppelinof all time by VH1, this song has lasted the test of time. Even in its digital form, it’s the biggest hit of Zeppelin’s career. It has a spine-tingling riff that has that identifiable Jimmy Page ingénue that always plays his harmony with turbulence. It was even reported that Jimmy Page sang the lyrics of this song in one take.

Rolling Stones reports “Whole Lotta Love” as the Number 1 Led Zeppelin song. However, we respectfully disagree. Hey, we do think it’s amazing, that’s why it is made our Top 5 List!

4. Achilles Last Stand

Album: Presence

One of the most face-melting moments the band ever did, Achilles Last Stand is the song that ultimately showed an unforgettable ensemble of each band members’ greatness in their individual instruments.

This song is said to be an attempt to deliver a powerful performance to create the last great song on their last album. It is rumored to be Jimmy Page’s favorite song. With his 10-minute guitar orchestration, we aren’t too surprised.

3. Dazed and Confused (Live)

Album: The Song Remains the Same

This song has stretched to almost 30 minutes thanks to their marathon spontaneous performances, this song had evolved to showcase one of Led Zeppelin’s most memorable jamming in varieties of style. Jones’ bass line is one of the most recognizable as well as Page’s inspired solo is what made it to this list.

2. Since I’ve Been Loving You

Album: Led Zeppelin III

greatest-songs-led-zeppelinPerhaps the best demonstration of Robert Plan’s insane vocals and Jimmy Page’s highly dramatic Chicago-style slow blues song, this song quickly became a fan favorite and most requested track at live gigs. The epic composition of Since I’ve Been Loving You is a part of Zeppelin’s third album and is even better heard live.

1. Kashmir

Album: Physical Graffiti

If you haven’t heard Kashmir, then you haven’t really listened to Led Zeppelin. Championed by the band themselves as the ‘pride of Led Zeppelin’, this is considered as one of the band’s greatest achievements. This great Led Zeppelin song is one you should definitely get to know!

The riff consists not only of Page’s guitar but also an orchestra influenced by Middle Eastern music. The instrumentation truly gave the song a richness that gives us the chills. The song lyrics was said to be about Robert and Jimmy’s trip to Kashmir that never was because they never reached their destination.


What songs do you think deserve to be on Led Zeppelin’s greatest songs you should know? What’s your favorite Led Zeppelin song? Let us know!